Rebuilding Wonderland

Well it happened.  It shouldn’t have.  We had backups,
That’s what they always say. It shouldn’t have.
Well it happened, and it wasn’t suppose to.


The server crashed and took the WordPress data with it.

We have backups, what’s that you say, there not working.
The angry rises…
How could this happen?  It shouldn’t have.

Time to rebuild, time to move to Azure.
Time to say goodbye to a hosting company that got lazy.
Time to look in the mirror, and face the one who didn’t check.

Well it happened.  It shouldn’t have. But it did.

Gratitude to 
You backed up the site.  You didn’t fail, we did.

Have you verified your backups lately?
Don’t find yourself saying.
Well it happened.  It shouldn’t have.

It’ll take some time to rebuild eight years worth of posts
Take baby steps, we’ll get there.

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